Communication – Poem

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Love is a word with great meaning
But it’s meaning isn’t given full credit,
Love is considered affection
But we won’t know our problems till we’ve said it.

Communication is a big word in lots of ways
It’s a big factor in everyone’s lives,
If we didn’t know how to communicate
We couldn’t speak what was on our minds.

Communication is not just word of mouth
It’s a whole lot more than that,
It’s a way we express our feelings
So people know just where we’re at.

Communication is a way to show our love
And exactly how we feel,
It’s a way to make our emotions
To others seem very real.

Communication is heart and soul
Some give a little some give a lot,
It basically depends
On the personality you’ve got.

When we use communication
It should be from the heart,
So we really understand each other
Even if, for a while, we’ve been apart.

To have any kind of relationship
Whether it be girlfriend, boyfriend, marriage, or friend,
You should have communication
So the understanding will never end.

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