Path of the Dragon Book Highlight

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Path of the Dragon

Life really is like a video game sometimes. When “just two more years” becomes “today”, 18-year-old Abby is cast out of her home for her choices. Set adrift into a sea of changes and responsibilities, her new situation strains not only her nerves but also her relationships. Sometimes she longs to hit reset. Dominic is still at her side, his true nature a comfort and a curse. She struggles to hide the constant presence, sure should the truth come out any allies she has would be gone. A stray black kitten falls into her life that she dubs “Domino”, giving her a cover should she talk to “Dommy” in public. But the cat is useful not just to her. When her secret is forced into the open, she will have to see just how far her boyfriend’s trust truly goes.


Ashleigh Daniellé Jaelyn Cutler is the daughter of two avid readers. She had a book in her hand before she could walk. One of her favorite phrases, when she began to talk, quickly became “Daddy book read”. Her parents, Jay Cutler and Pam Stepp, offered constant praise and encouragement as she made her way towards becoming the artist and author she always wanted to be. Forced by a low immune system to be homeschooled since grade 3 (with brief attempts at public school), she graduated from high school January 1, 2001 at age 15, with a GPA of 3.94 and an overall high school average of 97.94%. Her stories, supported by the various courses she took during her school years, explore a range of social topics despite their often non-human protagonists. Her artwork’s focus is wolves and illustrations. Also known online as Ash Of Wolves until 2004, she adopted the handle AshWolf Forever in 2009 and still uses it today. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter,, Goodreads,,, and Author’s Tea.