Prince Charming – Poem

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The statement “absence makes the heart grow fonder”
Is a statement very true,
Tis easier to miss the love
If you’re already fond of the one absent from you.

I do agree to love someone
You love them faults and all,
And when true love is found
Their faults seem rather small.

Being absent from the one you love
Is not easy by any means,
Especially when the one you love
Is more than the love within your dreams.

When I compare the prince of my dreams
Then think of you, My Dear,
The Prince has not got a chance
He is in no way near.

The prince without a doubt
Is noble, kind and true,
Then again in real life
That’s how I think of you.

A dreamed of prince can never return a hug
Nor show the warmth in a single kiss,
He won’t be there for problems with open arms
That’s the problem with a prince.

I never have to worry
When I give a hug away,
Because your love for me is always returned
With twice the love each time it’s given away.

Whenever you’re away, I miss the way you treat me like your sweetheart
And hold me safe with in your arms,
You have been and always will be my prince
I’ve fallen for your charms.

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