Just Because – Poem

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Sometimes the things we say
Don’t mean as much as the things we do,
It’s the simple things we do in a day
That show what we say is true.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of actions
It doesn’t have to be grand,
The sweetest kind of attraction
Like in holding someone’s hand.

An action when it’s least expected
The joy in planning a surprise,
The word in our actions reflected
The value they have in our lives.

It’s the “Just Because” I love you
It’s the “Just Because” I care,
It’s the “Just Because” for no special reason
It’s the “Just Because” I want to share.

Not because someone is rich
Not because someone has fame,
But because there is so much more than wealth
And being kind should never be a shame.
To have friendship is important in life
Some would say it’s essential,
To getting through the trials and strife’s
And to have a true friend is special.

Sometimes true friends are very rare
Finding a good one is a treasure,
Someone who is willing to share
Whose trust you don’t have to measure.

Make new friends
But keep the old,
One is silver
The other is gold.

Someone who likes to spend time with you
Someone who loves you in spite of yourself,
Someone who doesn’t try to change you
Not because of fame, beauty or wealth.

It’s the “Just Because” they love you
It’s the “Just Because” they care,
It’s the “Just Because” for no special reason
It’s the “Just Because” they want to share.

It doesn’t have to be expensive
Or even cost a dime,
It’s the value of sharing
And the giving of your time!

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