Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set by Wizards of the Coast

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Review: Circleville Boardgaming Group

With darkness encroaching, You, Wilmar the mighty Warrior Princess, with your band of adventurers, Mound the Elf Magic user, Ohio the Cleric, and bringing up the rear, Court the Ranger are cautiously making your way along a rocky mountainous path. You come around a huge boulder, the path opens up and before you is a cave entrance. Inside the cave you hear growling sounds of beasts. Is this where the evil band of Orcs live? Are these the ones that have been raiding your farms in the valley? Is it true that they have untold riches in their lair…

The sun now finally falls below the horizon, darkness will soon cover the land and the Orcs will be on the move. A decision has to be made as you and the ranger draw your swords, and the Magic user and Cleric begin to light the torches. Will you turn back to safety or will you begin your quest to become heroes and enter the dungeon lair of these evil Orcs and seek riches and rid your valley of their enemies?

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy based role playing game. Role playing games, or RPG’s are limited only by your imagination and are great fun. A Game Master, sets the scene, runs the game where a group of hearty adventurers live, fight and sometimes die.

Rules are simple, in the starter set, characters are already generated for you, the game comes with starter adventures the Game Master can run, and in just a short time you are off on your first adventure.

But be forewarned, D&D can be addicting, there are advanced books, entire worlds, miniatures and other items that can add to your fun. But at a cost, you will often be exhausted after an intense sessions, you may lose a character you have had been running for months, but in the end you will have had great fun and great stories to tell all your gaming friends.

As you stumble back out of the cave, the morning light begins to fill the valley, Orcs will no longer be able to harass your farms, the riches you have found will help you get new armor that has taken a beating, and that new glowing sword your Ranger friend pried from the hands of the Orc leader will help all of you and your RoundTown Band in your next adventure!

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