Three Season’s In A Month – Poem

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One day it’s rain
The next day it’s snow,
It’s crazy to go from sixty degrees
To zero and below.

We go from frostbite advisory’s
To days of dense fog,
From snow and Ice then it’s melting
Now so much rain we’re waterlogged.

We’ve had Winter, Spring, and Fall
In the span of about thirty days,
We can’t adjust to the temps
Because they’re all over the place.

We try to avoid all the germs that we can
We bundle up against the cold,
This drastic change in the weather
Is inconvenient for the young and the old.

Even the ones who will usually be there
Whether rain, sleet, snow, or hail,
Had to close for their safety
And postpone delivery of U.S. Mail.

We know the weather’s been crazy
but hopefully just around the bend,
Spring will be blossoming
And this crazy weather will end.

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