Community Champions – Trevor Lane

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Many times we encounter people around us, but we don’t know of the good things they do in and for our community. This monthly column will spotlight people of all abilities who are our friends and neighbors. It will shed some light on the positive and kind achievements we are making as a community.

Let me introduce you to Trevor Lane. Trevor is 21 years old and graduated from Logan Elm in 2016. Trevor currently attends God’s Bible School and College, which is located in Cincinnati, by way of online classes. His major is Theology. Trevor works part-time at the Dairy Shed Too in Kingston and enjoys exercising and helping people in the community.

Trevor is very active in his church at Crossroads in Circleville and works closely with the Pickaway County Board for the Developmentally Disabled to help advocate for and with people living with disabilities throughout the county. Trevor also does public speaking at both church services and at community events.

In June of 2017, Trevor started a group called “God’s Abled”. God’s Abled is a ministry group that is designed for people of all abilities with the mission of helping people to live their best lives through God’s word.

“I started Gods Abled because I felt I was being called to do so. Having a disability myself (Cerebral Palsy) I have had many challenges. However, many people in the community poured into me and made sure that my disability did not define me. I want to give back to the community that has given so much to Me.”, states Lane.

Trevor shared that growing up he was fortunate that he was rarely bullied and that his teachers and friends always helped him adapt into a situation if he struggled. Trevor’s goal as an advocate for people living with disabilities is to promote support, education and authentic inclusion.

I asked Trevor what inclusion means to him and his answer was exactly what I thought it would be: “Inclusion to me is adopting the attitude of kindness and openness to people of all abilities.”

To learn more on how to use your talents and passion to promote community inclusion, contact Heather Foll, Community Connections Coordinator at Pickaway County Board of DD at 740-477-3353 ext. 39 or at [email protected]