Sports Quiz – February 2019

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By Chris Richcreek

1. Since 1969, how many times have the Boston Red Sox won the A.L. East title?

2. Two Minnesota Twins were 20-game winners during the 1990s. Name them.

3. Four head coaches for the University of Oklahoma football team have recorded at least 100 career wins. Name three of them.

4. In the 1973-74 season, Elmore Smith of the Los Angeles Lakers established a record for blocked shots in a season (393). How many players have surpassed that number since?

5. Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon set an Avalanche record when he started the 2018-19 NHL season with goals in his first six games. Who had held the mark?

6. Which Asian men’s soccer team has appeared the most times in the World Cup?

7. In what year did Roger Bannister record the first sub-four-minute mile?

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