Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Synopsis: Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.

Rating: PG

If you have an immense fear of spiders or spoilers, Spider-Man thwip away right now. This article WILL contain spoilers.
Spider-Man: Into the Verse follows a young teenager by the name of Miles and his life in Brooklyn. He lives with his parents but attends a boarding school a short walk away from home.

Miles struggles hard to live up to the expectation that his police officer father has for him, to the point that he finds himself hanging out one evening with his uncle Aaron. In an abandoned subway, Miles is throwing graffiti up on a wall with his uncle, when a radioactive spider with the name “Alchemax” bites him. Miles hardly reacts to the bite in the moment but notices a difference when he wakes up the next morning and attends school.

When looking through a comic book after some embarrassing moments struggling through his powers, he makes the connection with a comic book that leads him to realize just what is going on.

Returning to the abandoned subway station where he was bitten by the spider, Miles is caught up in a fight between Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Prowler. He discovers that Wilson Fisk has built a particle accelerator and is intent on using it to bring back the wife and son he lost in a car accident by taking them from another universe.

The machine fails no thanks to an explosion that ended up killing the Green Goblin and leaving Spider-Man badly wounded. Miles tries to help Spider-Man, but instead, Spider-Man gives him a USB drive that can disable the accelerator. His only warning is that it will destroy the city.

Miles is told to run away when they hear Wilson Fisk approaching the scene, but he is unable to turn away. Miles watches as Wilson kills Spider-Man, before making a noise as he makes his escape.

He’s followed by the Prowler, desperately he tries to get in touch with his uncle but with no such luck. He returns to his parents home, where they are worried to see their son back from boarding school so early in the week. Later, while the TV is playing, the news of Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s death is played for Miles to hear.

After Peter’s funeral, Miles approaches the grave of Peter Parker to reveal that he has let Spider-Man down by letting one of his training experiments with his powers break the USB drive, the only means to stop the accelerator from destroying the city.

While there, Miles comes across another Spider-Man, Peter B. Parker – who appears to be an older, chubbier, more impatient and depressed version of the Peter Miles met before. In order to help this Peter return home, the two team up to infiltrate Kingpin’s lab to get the information needed to disable the accelerator. The two are faced against Kingpin’s head scientist, Olivia, who turns out to be Doc Oc.

Miles and Peter are rescued by Gwen Stacy, who reveals that she too is a Spider-Hero from another universe.

The three Spider-Heroes track down the one person who can help them, Peter Parker’s Aunt May. She reveals that she is also harboring three other Spider-Heroes – an interesting trio known as Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham and Peni Parker.

Together, the team of heroes bands together to put a stop to Wilson Fisk’s plan, so that they can all return to their own universes and prevent the accelerator from destroying Brooklyn.

The thing I think I loved most about this movie was the unique animation that went along with the incredible story-line. It’s unique, comic book style meshed well with the popular 3-D animation you see in most movies today, but in introducing the other characters in styles such as 2-D, black-and-white and a Looney-Tunes cartoon style, I was amazed that none of the different styles clashed. The music used also complimented the different scenes and moments as well.

Into the Spider-Verse had a decent amount of comedy, heart, action and yes, some sad moments as well. No Spider-Man movie is complete without a little heartbreak.

The talent poured out into this movie can be seen merely in the trailer alone, but I can’t lie – this is a must-see for any Spider-Man fan throughout all the universes.