Print me a pizza

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For some of us, it sounds like a dream: a printer that can produce pizza. Send me to the office to make copies, teacher!

Ok, so it doesn’t work quite that way. But with advancements in 3D printing technology, food is on the … well, it’s on the table. Along with items you might consider more “traditional” for that realm, like plastic-based models.

In 3D printing, a three-dimensional digital model is made by laying down many thin layers of material.

Perhaps not surprisingly, chocolate was one of the first foods to be used in 3D printing, not only for its deliciousness but for the way it can be melted and then cooled (and hardened) quickly. NASA is exploring its uses for space missions.

Then, in 2016, a startup company called BeeHex raised more than $1 million to launch its first product, a pizza printer. The company is also involved in personalized nutrition, which is viewed as the next horizon in 3D printing.