Need a fun, furry friend? Consider adopting one

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June is National Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month and every shelter is ready for visitors, volunteers, and those who are eager to adopt.

An estimated 70 million stray cats live in the United States. About 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Around 37 percent are adopted. Less than 5 percent of stray cats are returned to their owners.

About 92 million cats have homes in the United States; they always live longer, healthier lives than strays.

Cats make terrific pets, of course. Families are drawn to playful and colorful kittens. But adult cats are great pets, too, and they are calm, affectionate and usually have skills like mousing.

Adopting a kitten or older cat from a shelter means you’re saving its life. And you’ll receive an already vaccinated, spayed or neutered pet. Many shelters even waive fees on adult cats during June.

Every day, animal welfare groups nationwide work hard to provide TLC to felines of every age, breed and color.

The best way to celebrate Adopt-a-Shelter Cat month is to adopt a shelter cat! There’s a special cute, cuddly kitten or calm, older cat waiting for you.