Words Can Be Mean Or Have Meaning – Poem

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Do the things that matter
Don’t do them to be seen,
Doing things for the right reason
Should not be as if for a scene.

Be the voice of kindness
In a world full of mean,
Be the one to lend a hand
It could change someones mien.

Show a little compassion
To someone who’s at the bottom of the tier,
Give a little encouragement
Maybe it will prevent a tear.

Taking no action to be kind
When you are the seer,
Can add insult to injury
It can cause a would to sear.

When life has struggles and trials
We tend to question the why’s,
Sometimes our struggles and trials
Teach us to be wise.

Sometimes our words can be mean
Especially if they are hard as gneiss,
Sometimes our words can have meaning
You see more results when you are nice.

Homonym poem with words “having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins”.

*seen: Perceive with the eyes
*scene: An action in a play, Something seen by a viewer

*mean: Miserly; stingy
*mien: An appearance or aspect

*tier: A rank or class.
*tear: A drop of the salty solution secreted by the eyes

*seer: One that sees
*sear: A condition, such as a scar

*why’s: Reasons or explanations
*wise: The ability to judge what is true, right or lasting

*gneiss: A banded metamorphic rock
*nice: Pleasing and agreeable in nature

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