Strat-o-Matic Baseball – Boardgame Review

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Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, Reds down by three – the all-time great Tony Perez comes to bat! Here’s the pitch (rolling three dice) – it’s column one (red die) – and an 8 – (total of white dice). The result is on the batters card. It’s a long fly ball deep left field, way back, it says Home Run 1 to 5 and the REDS Win or fly out and its game over on a 6 to 20 and REDS lose the series. Time to roll the 20 sided die to determine the result and the roll is ….

Strat as it’s affectionately called is a great Baseball tabletop game. The game has individual cards for every player that found the field, and every pitcher that took the mound in the prior year. New seasons are usually release in February for the prior year with past seasons being released all the time for great years in the past.

The game has a basic side to the cards so that you can open the box, select your teams, make your line-ups and start the game off in minutes. It as easy as rolling three dice, on the red die a 1 to 3 and you refer to a column on the batter’s card and on the 4 to 6 you are on the pitchers card – then total the white dice and read the results.

Play one off games, recreate an entire season, create a league for you and your friends to play, mix and match players / teams and draft all-star teams to play. All are possible. There is an “advanced” side to the cards that introduces much more complexity and realism to the game.

Strat-O-Matic has created worlds of sports gaming with Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball individual player cards, dice rolling simulations. Choose your favorite sport, choose your favorite teams, make your line-ups and then there is fun in every roll of the dice!

The twenty sider rebounds off the table and stops and it is … a – 3 … HOME RUN – REDS WIN REDS WIN!!!