Frozen 2 – Movie Review

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If you hear a voice calling out to you from beyond, that’s not the mystical voice you hear calling you into the unknown – that’s just me yelling out that you need to head over to your closest theater and see Frozen 2 before I risk exposing you to the chilling harshness of spoilers.

It has been six years since the first Frozen has released, and at the time it was considered one of the biggest animated movies of all time. While it was a cute movie, it didn’t quite catch me in the same way that Tangled had a few years prior – that was, until they released the teaser for the sequel.

Frozen 2 features all the characters you know and love, but there is a stark difference to the ones you remember in the previous film…

Elsa is much more powerful, more confident, warm, inviting and social, Anna is more mature, with a slight hint of her familiar childlike naivety (I’m talking about all those times that poor girl totally misunderstood Kristoff’s proposal attempts – yikes), and stubbornness that makes her such a strong character, Kristoff is even more lovable, and in ways, more mature than he was in the first movie. However, he still talks to reindeer – and makes his reindeer, Sven, respond back to him. With Olaf, as hilarious as ever, the main characters embark on an adventure to an enchanted forest – following a voice that only Elsa can hear.

It’s evident just how much Disney’s animation has evolved since the last Frozen movie, even more, evident how much better their storytelling and ability to give us in-depth characters have gotten as well.

Likewise, Frozen 2, while keeping the magic that we love about the first one, is even more powerful and raw. Touching on and discovering the results of the tragedy and how they lost their parents at such a young age, featuring a song entirely about the grief of losing someone, about taking one step forward and the need to be strong – I feel like this movie touches on these topics so beautifully.

However, that does not mean that this movie lacks the moments that made you laugh out loud – Olaf cracked some hilarious lines, he even had another funny solo – focusing on when he would finally grow up, and Kristoff and Sven had some laugh-worthy moments as well.

What sticks out as the funniest moments with Kristoff, would have to be his many failed, tongue-tied attempts to propose to Anna, as well as his “heartbreaking” solo about Anna going off on an adventure, followed by Sven and some other reindeer singing along with him. Kristoff’s solo had a lot of nods to classic, older rock music videos that left a lot of parents laughing as their children sat fascinated by singing reindeer.

At the end of it all, Frozen 2 is a fantastic watch for all ages – with its magic, tales of empowerment, growth, grief, romance – and finding out the power within yourself.

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