Dimple Times is now twice the fun, twice a month

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CIRCLEVILLE – By popular demand we will begin publishing the Dimple Times twice a month in 2020.  Yea, we know that many have asked for us to publish every week, but we are not quite there yet. We’ll explain more on that in a minute.

As we continue to expand and grow in to other cities, towns and counties our little “Interactive, Inspiring, Informative” newspaper continues to garnish fans both young and old.  Some love the articles, others love the games and puzzles, while still more have loved our new “coloring” editions.  No matter which part you love about the Dimple Times we are so excited to announce that starting in January 2020 we will begin publishing on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.  So this means more positive fun for everyone as the Dimple Times “roars” in to the new decade.

Along with all the fans of Dimple Times who seek out a copy or have a subscription we are tickled pink thankful for the advertisers (we like to call them community sponsors) who help make this website, the newspaper and everything that happens here a reality.

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With regard to printing on a weekly basis, well, we’ve got to be honest. At this stage we simply do not have human resources to be able to create enough content for a weekly publication. Not only is the content something that we have to continue to grow in to, but we will need to grow more on the advertiser side. Basically as more advertisers see the value of our unique newspaper we will see even more growth. While we are ecstatic with the growth we’ve seen since November 2017, we believe that if we keep investing right back in to the Dimple Times we will see it grow even more. That is one of the reasons we took the leap to give you more of what many of you have requested…more Dimple Times!

So yeah, go ahead and BRING ON 2020 and thank you so much for being a fan.

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