Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – Dimple Dash Review

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If there is one type of restaurant I really enjoy eating out at, its definitely Mexican restaurants. I am a big taco lover, and I am sure if I had my way… taco Tuesday would be every day.

I really love the local Mexican restaurants that offer complimentary baskets filled with warm chips and a side of salsa, with a menu featuring a wide variety of tacos, burritos, enchiladas…

In the Lancaster area, we enjoyed our lunch dining in at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – and ordered a couple of their delicious, fresh Mexican dishes.

Dining Area at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

While sitting in the beautiful, vibrant and colorful dining area, our waiter was kind as well as prompt when it came to ordering our drinks and food and made sure that our drinks were topped off frequently.

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After some debating over the many choices, we enjoyed one of their Taco Salads – which was served in a crisp, fresh flour tortilla bowl that was filled with chicken, crisp, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, which was topped with cheese and sour cream, and one of their Mexican Burritos wrapped in a soft tortilla that was filled with chicken, and topped generously with cheese, crisp lettuce and tomato, sour cream and served with a fresh bed of rice.

Taco Salad at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant


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Mexican Burrito at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

Maria’s is the perfect lunch option, with something for all ages and for everyone to enjoy. You can visit them in Destination Downtown Lancaster, and get a bite to eat with friends or family.


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