Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes – Book Review

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287 pages 3 copyright

Evvie Drake Starts Over is simply that. A young woman’s step back, looking at her life and what she wants to do with herself after her husband passes away unexpectedly. The story has Evvie examining her past, and reviewing her relationships with her mom and dad, her best friend, her work, as well as her thinking ahead to her future and making new friends. Evvie puts all her strengths into helping a new friend to avoid her past. Helping Dane, her new friend who is a washed-up pitcher for a major baseball team, causes friction between not only Evvie and Dane but her friends and family too. She makes mistakes, she loses confidence and suffers self-doubt. Over time and with the help of others, Evvie begins to learn just what is important in life and within herself. She begins taking steps to make her life her own. This was not one of the best reads of 2019, in my opinion; but it might give room for thought to some especially with a new year beginning. After all a new year has most of us “starting over”.

Happy New Year!

Book Review by Marcella Queen


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