Circleville Boardgaming Group

Circleville Boardgaming Group

The Circleville Boardgaming Group is a loose affiliation of area gamers that have been getting together in one fashion or another for 30 years. We average about a dozen attendees at our gatherings at the Pickaway County Library prior to the COVID-19 restrictions

We play all manners of games but currently focus now on the Modern Boardgaming Scene. Our attendees have varied tastes in gaming and can be counted upon to have a wide selection of games at each of our meetups.  There is no cost to attend a game gathering.

Typically, the age range is adult with a few middle school / high schoolers possible. Currently, the members can be found online at BOARDGAMEARENA.COM here they are usually playing nightly or on their Facebook page.

Sometime in the summer of 2021 they will resume their group meetings at the library.

Look for coming announcements.

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