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Austin Gaines is a young gentleman from the Circleville area who loves sports, and loves to spread words of encouragement to those around him. What inspires me the most? I didn't speak a single word until I was 7 years old and didn't speak my first sentence until I was 10 years old! Ever since then I've been an inspiration to my family. My grandmother (Betty Gaines) and my grandfather (Stephen Gaines) helped me throughout my life to where I am now. I'm now a board advisor for YBS and my ultimate goal is to inspire others to be their best self! When my senior basketball coach quoted me when I was doing an interview for Ms. Monika Lombardo's CTV News, "You got to go through problems instead of going around them." And that quote is why I wanted to write for Dimple Times. I want to spread the word that if I can do it so can everyone else!

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