The printed edition of the Dimple Times is published and distributed throughout Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield and the southern part of Franklin Counties.  On this page you will find the digital version of newspaper.  Be sure to check out the current editions of the Dimple Times.

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Comics, puzzles and games are still a big part of the Dimple Times (aka Pickaway Fun Pages) but this year we started to expand on articles with the introduction of a monthly food review and a non-profit highlight column.  It’s all about fun and good!


It’s a wrap on our first full year of publications!  Wow, and what a year it was.  We morphed from the “Fun Pages” to the “Dimple Times” as we continued to find our place in this world.  We knew we wanted to help people smile, relax, sip on a cup of coffee, but we were still working to figure out what YOU wanted.

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2017 Dimple Times Originally Called Pickaway Fun Pages

In 2017 we were started out with the name of the “Pickaway Fun Pages”. Back then we only had games, puzzles and comics. Over time, we started to expand and create more short articles that are meant to be something you can sit down and ready while drinking a cup of coffee. The ultimate goal has always been to look at the positive side and help folks smile.

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