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The Dimple Times is both a REAL NEWSPAPER and an online good news portal.  Our distribution is done via direct mail, home-delivery subscriptions and at multiple “rack” locations throughout Pickaway, Fairfield, Fayette and Ross County.  Thanks to all the businesses who help us get a little more positive fun out there with our unique publication.  From Doctors, Dentists, Auto Repair, Hotels, Chiropractors, and banks to grocery, restaurants and wherever else people might be waiting.

If you are unsure of where to find a copy of the Dimple Times just contact us, let us know your address, and we’ll let you know the closest location.

Is there a new location that you would like to see Dimple Times? Please let us know.


Would your place of business like to have the Dimple Times delivered to your waiting area? It’s FREE!  Just contact us and let us know.

There is no charge to have the Dimple Times in your establishment.  It’s a great paper to have in your waiting area because it keeps your customers entertained while they wait. The Dimple Times is a monthly, fun, non-controversial publication with stories, fun facts, comics and puzzles which caters to just about everyone.

If your place of business would like to be a location for pick up please let us know.