A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans – Book Review

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By W. Bruce Cameron, 2010c., 334 pages

Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what he was thinking; is he happy with his home; his chew-toys; or the new dog food you fed him? Just what does your dog do when you’re not home? Well ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ by author W. Bruce Cameron, gives us an insight to just what a dog is thinking and feeling as well as all the mis-adventures they find themselves in when their owner is not looking.

This story is about one lovable dog who is searching for his purpose in life over the course of several lives. Yes, Lives! He begins as Toby, a precocious puppy who lives with numerous other dogs and dreams of the world outside the backyard gate. He later becomes Bailey who is rescued from a hot car by an 8-year-old and his mother only to be reincarnated years later as Ellie, a heroic search and rescue dog. After years on the police force and many rescues, he returns as Buddy, a black lab determined to find his true purpose in life. This dog’s adventures through time will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next; wishing you could take him home yourself to keep forever. This is a warm-hearted story for all ages that teaches us that love is all around us, it never dies; true friends remain in our hearts forever; and that everyone, human or otherwise, has a true purpose on this earth.

Review by Marcella Queen