Time to get happy!

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Get up, get out, and get happy. Experts say that even if you have to fake it, you’ll soon be merry — or at least a little happier.

People can have a good reason to be wistful or even blue at Christmas. Family members are not always near, or physical conditions can limit activities.

Strange that just when we can’t remember where we put the car keys, memories from 30 years ago are accessible in every detail. It’s great to remember the good times, but to be happy today we need to stay in the present.

According to happiness guru Gretchen Rubin, the key is to actively plan for holidays and make new memories.
Here are some ideas:
*Consider some things you have loved: Songs, gift-giving, family. Start asking around early for churches that have carols and holiday activities. If you need a ride, ask at the church office.
* Find out who needs a gift and give it!
* Gather your own ‘family’ of neighbors and friends for a pitch-in dinner. It doesn’t have to be on Dec. 25.

The bottom line: Make a plan and get out of the house.

Do ask others about their plans; people often love to share holidays.

Be grateful for the holiday you make for yourself. Don’t compare this Christmas to happier times in the past and try not to compare this Christmas to the holiday you imagined it would be.

Create something for yourself and enjoy it, whether it is a modest decoration and dinner with a friend, or an all-out bash.