Spies in Disguise

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When it comes to wanting a spy movie with witty humor, intense action, big-name actors, and a great, captivating story – the last thing you are probably expecting me to spill is that Spies in Disguise has that, and so much more.

However, if you have not seen Spies in Disguise – it’s probably best that you flew the coop and land at the nearest theater, as there will be some spoilers ahead.

Having Will Smith voicing the smooth, suave, action-packed Lance Sterling and Tom Holland voicing the lovable, nerdy, young Walter Beckett – this movie delivered the duo that you had no clue you needed.

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In giving us this duo, and so many other voice talents, Blue Sky Studios secretly gave us a Christmas present in the form of a fluid, vibrant animation with the comedic acting chops of both Smith and Holland working fabulously together. As their polar opposite characters figure out how to succeed in their mission to save the secret organization, H.T.U.V (Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor) from a tragic ending, you are given taste of what a spy life in disguise might be like – that is, if you were ever thinking about becoming a bird brain for a day or so. This is what happens when Lance Sterling (too bad his name wasn’t Starling) needs help hiding for a little while and disguising himself, and things take a wild turn when his disguise turns out to be him unwillingly lying low as a pigeon for a few days.

This unfortunate disguise was initiated after Sterling visited Walter for help, as a criminal mastermind is going around with Sterling’s face and committing serious crimes against H.T.U.V. With the entire organization and a few agents from a neighboring organization after him, Sterling had no choice but to use Walter for help.

Walter, being the underdog (and recently fired from his position as a scientist at H.T.U.V.), used this as an opportunity to hopefully help Sterling – and perhaps get his job back. Walter’s tech, in the eyes of Sterling, is mediocre at best – as all his weapons are nonlethal, but with lives, and him returning to his normal life, on the line… Beggars can’t be choosers.

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In the end, the two become an unlikely alliance that not only proves that they are both spy material, but they save the entire organization that abandoned them when they had nowhere left to turn.

This movie has great nods to all the beloved spy films from over the years, and humor that is great for both adults and kids – making this an entertaining movie for both children and adults alike.

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